About the competition

The Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge is an international competition where hospitality industry students from different schools have opportunities to learn by tackling real-world challenges. Partners of MTLHC will provide study materials that present industry problems in need of solutions. Participants will be able to network with industry professionals, where they will gain exceptional business knowledge, and take part in multiple activities to help develop their professional skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, creativity, time-management, project management and problem-solving skills.

Unique value proposition

The MTLHC competition has several aspects that differentiate it from other competitions. Our goal is to give all students an opportunity to develop their skills and excel in their careers.

Here are the various elements that make up our competition :

  • A chance to bond with other participants
  • Two case studies based on real-life current issues
  • An opportunity to share and learn from different cultures
  • A competition involving world-renowned hotel properties, restaurants of gastronomy and tourism companies
  • An event focuses on establishing long-term relationships with other hotel schools through our communities


Through the case studies and proposed activities, the MTLHC competition has four goals:

  • To encourage participants to push their limits
  • To help participants acquire skills and knowledge in team management, project management, diversity management, sustainable development and public speaking
  • To assisit participants in gaining experience in addressing real-life issues in reputable and established companies
  • To offer participants an unparalleled networking opportunity


To set the North American standard for international hospitality competitions, and to provide Quebec hoteliers the privileged access to talents….


Human and social experience


To provide students with a platform to voice out their perspectives on leadership, innovation, creativity, and how to deliver optimal customer experiences and more.