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EPIK Collection

Founded in 2012 with the acquisition and transformation of an existing hotel/inn in Old Montreal, Épik Hotel and Restaurant were the first and only commercial entities of our hotel group. The Hotel group’s focus is on innovation, developing new business models and creating unique and relevant experiences for new markets. Épik Collection wished to reinvent the customer experience journey and redefine the role of a hotel in the global experience of current traveler and those of new generations. The Épik Hotel Group is always looking for new properties or real estate that would be included into a portfolio that is already diversified and dynamic.

There is no shortage of projects for Épik Collection and the development team. Small venues, big dreams is our motto and every day we are fulfilling these dreams.

Centre Sheraton Montréal

Sheraton recently became part of the world’s largest hotel banner, Marriott international. Sheraton is their most global branch and it continues to enhance the guest experience through brand innovation, differentiating design, multi-channel marketing and a sharp focus on service. Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel in Montreal’s city center is the place to elevate any occasion. With their 51,000 square feet of event space, their custom catering service and planning assistance, they make sure your event is a guaranteed success.

W Marriott New York

Union Square

W NEW York – Union Square boldly sits at the crossroads of Manhattan, historically known as the intersection of intellect and activism. The striking architecture and historic touches of the landmark 1911 Beaux-Arts Guardian Life building exemplify future forward design to give guests a feeling of playful luxury with seven state-of-the-art meeting spaces and a Great Room, all packed with modern amenities and the perfect way to show your edge. 


Imajery is a boutique Montreal marketing agency that empowers advertisers with performance-focused digital marketing. Every campaign – from lead-generation to ecommerce – is designed with our clients’ growth and profitability in mind. We work with large ecommerce brands and local small businesses to drive effective, measurable, and profitable results using Google and social media ads, branding, email marketing, SEO, and customized websites.


Credo is a social and environmental impact strategy firm. Their mission is to empower organizations to realize their full potential for impact on social and environmental issues. Their vision is a world where companies act boldly, consistently and collaboratively for social change. They are guided by values such as integrity, boldness, rigor, humanism and collegiality.

MT Lab

MT Lab is the first startup incubator in North America dedicated to tourism, culture, and entertainment. Founded in 2017 by the Université du Québec à Montréal and Tourisme Montréal, the lab serves as a meeting place, startup accelerator, and platform for exchanges, providing a support structure to generate business growth. Each year it hosts a group of young entrepreneurs eager to learn more about developing innovative solutions.  The lab also attracts many businesses thanks to its tourism sector focus on creating inspired enterprises, supported by strategically sound leadership in Montreal and Quebec. The MTLHC features a number of MT Lab startups who will share the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Organising Committee

MTLHC Third Edition

Isabelle Leblond

Team Leader & Mentor

People often say I stand out especially for the quality of my work and my contagious passion. With my sharp interpersonal skills, I am a true outstanding team player. With over ten years of experience in the restaurant and hotel industries, I understand the needs of both industries very well, and am able to find solutions. I contribute significantly to the influence of the hotel industry and stand out through my social involvement, which has enabled me to be the recipient of numerous scholarships. In 2020, I won the student hotel award at the Prix Distinction evening organized by Tourisme Montréal. During my last year in the Advanced studies in International Hotel Management program at ITHQ, I initiated the project of creating an international competition in Montreal following my positive experience at the hotel competition in Amsterdam (Genio Worldwide Innovation Summit). As of today, I ensure the success of the project by taking over the management of it and its operations while helping my colleagues with their respective tasks.

Christofer Delisle

Co-President of Operations

I was raised in a family that owns a sugar shack, which means I have been immersed in hospitality since I was a child. Human relations and taking care of people is what I thrive for in my work. After over 14 years of professional experience in the aviation industry, I decided to take on new challenges and go back to school to study hospitality management. I aspire to bring change and vision in this extraordinary industry.

By being a leader in the MTLHC, I aim to learn how to organize this type of event, learn from my peers, exchange best practices, and improve my leadership within a team. In addition, this event is a way to give back to the hospitality community.

Victoria Najera-Huot

Co-President of Operations

I have always been immersed in the field of culture and the arts. It is when I obtained my first job in events that fell in love with the industry. I completed a first bachelor’s degree in political science, but my desire to learn more about hospitality and the customer experience encouraged me to pursue studies in the field.

I decided to become a leader in the MTLHC because I love new challenges. Having the opportunity to surpass myself and to work with a formidable team in the organization of an international competition greatly seek my interests. I have never assembled such an event and MTLHC represents a great opportunity to embark on such a project.

Élisabeth Salvail

Event Logistics Manager

When I completed my studies in interior design, I was left wondering what I should do next. Despite my passion for interior design, I was aware that something was missing from my school background. I found what I was looking for at ITHQ’s hospitality management bachelor’s degree. I was septic at first because I did not know much about the field, but now, after almost a year in this program, I discovered a wonderful industry through passionate teachers and enriching courses, and I’m proud to be part of the ITHQ community.

Joining the team of MTLHC and becoming a leader is an exciting new experience. I wish to welcome new knowledge and build my confidence in the professional world, all while allowing others to do the same.  

Anne Sibre

Communications Manager

I first started studying communications at university to answer the love I have for human relations. But after two years of studies, I still did not know which way to go when I thought about my future, until I heard about ITHQ and its hospitality management bachelor’s degree. It was an enlightenment to finally find a program that brings together all my passions and pronounced interests for people, and so I threw myself into this new world with a thirst for new experiences and discoveries. This field offers me an exciting, and dynamic future, all while remaining connected to my creativity and curiosity. 

I have never had the opportunity to participate in the organization of a project of this magnitude, so I see becoming a leader in the MTLHC as a challenge and an opportunity to learn. In addition, it allows me to venture into my career aspirations. 

Élouann Bleau

Public Relations Manager

After three years of studying Pure Sciences at CEGEP, and redoing the same physics course three times, I lost my motivation despite my love for science and life. I found myself faced with a pressing need to find what excites me. It was in 2017 that I discovered the ITHQ and hotel management. This gave me hope as I discovered a program that allowed me to combine several of my interests: cooking, culture, numbers, hospitality, management, sommelier, etc. I graduated from the GEHI program in 2020, at the start of the pandemic. I took a break from the field and a break from the city to return in 2022 and resume my studies at ITHQ in their hospitality management bachelor’s degree.

I am happy to be able to be a leader in the organization of this great project which allows us to put into practice what we have learned and develop our skills as future managers.

Malie Prévost

Communications Coordinator

I am at my third-year student in the newest restaurant management program at ITHQ, which allows me to learn about a field that deeply passionate me. The restaurant world is constantly changing, we can continually innovate, the dynamic is unpredictable and exciting, which is perfect for the active person that I am. In the future, I would like to be a restaurant manager, and if I allow myself to dream even bigger, I would like to open my own gourmet restaurant.

Always willing to get involved in the community, becoming a leader in the MTLHC seemed to be the perfect next challenge. I am looking forward to learning more about the hotel and tourism industry and wish to acquire new skills in the communication domain.