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EPIK Collection

Founded in 2012 with the acquisition and transformation of an existing hotel/inn in Old Montreal, Épik Hotel and Restaurant were the first and only commercial entities of our hotel group. The Hotel group’s focus is on innovation, developing new business models and creating unique and relevant experiences for new markets. Épik Collection wished to reinvent the customer experience journey and redefine the role of a hotel in the global experience of current traveler and those of new generations. The Épik Hotel Group is always looking for new properties or real estate that would be included into a portfolio that is already diversified and dynamic.

There is no shortage of projects for Épik Collection and the development team. Small venues, big dreams is our motto and every day we are fulfilling these dreams.

Centre Sheraton Montréal

Sheraton recently became part of the world’s largest hotel banner, Marriott international. Sheraton is their most global branch and it continues to enhance the guest experience through brand innovation, differentiating design, multi-channel marketing and a sharp focus on service. Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel in Montreal’s city center is the place to elevate any occasion. With their 51,000 square feet of event space, their custom catering service and planning assistance, they make sure your event is a guaranteed success.

W Marriott New York

Union Square

W NEW York – Union Square boldly sits at the crossroads of Manhattan, historically known as the intersection of intellect and activism. The striking architecture and historic touches of the landmark 1911 Beaux-Arts Guardian Life building exemplify future forward design to give guests a feeling of playful luxury with seven state-of-the-art meeting spaces and a Great Room, all packed with modern amenities and the perfect way to show your edge. 


Imajery is a boutique Montreal marketing agency that empowers advertisers with performance-focused digital marketing. Every campaign – from lead-generation to ecommerce – is designed with our clients’ growth and profitability in mind. We work with large ecommerce brands and local small businesses to drive effective, measurable, and profitable results using Google and social media ads, branding, email marketing, SEO, and customized websites.


Credo is a social and environmental impact strategy firm. Their mission is to empower organizations to realize their full potential for impact on social and environmental issues. Their vision is a world where companies act boldly, consistently and collaboratively for social change. They are guided by values such as integrity, boldness, rigor, humanism and collegiality.

MT Lab

MT Lab is the first startup incubator in North America dedicated to tourism, culture, and entertainment. Founded in 2017 by the Université du Québec à Montréal and Tourisme Montréal, the lab serves as a meeting place, startup accelerator, and platform for exchanges, providing a support structure to generate business growth. Each year it hosts a group of young entrepreneurs eager to learn more about developing innovative solutions.  The lab also attracts many businesses thanks to its tourism sector focus on creating inspired enterprises, supported by strategically sound leadership in Montreal and Quebec. The MTLHC features a number of MT Lab startups who will share the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Organising Committee

MTLH Second Edition

Isabelle Pilon

Project Director

Isabelle Leblond is a person who stands out especially for the quality of her work and her contagious passion. With her sharp interpersonal skills, she is a true outstanding team player. With over ten years of experience in the restaurant and hotel industries, she understands the needs of both industries very well, and is able to find solutions. She contributes significantly to the influence of the hotel industry and stands out through her social involvement, which has enabled her to be the recipient of numerous scholarships. In 2020, Isabelle won the student hotel award at the Prix Distinction evening organized by Tourisme Montréal. During her last year in the Advanced studies in International Hotel Management program at ITHQ, Isabelle initiated the project of creating an international competition in Montreal following her positive experience at the hotel competition in Amsterdam (Genio Worldwide Innovation Summit). As of today, she ensures the success of the project by taking over the management of it and its operations while helping her colleagues with their respective tasks.

Laurence Laplante

Director of Operations

Graduating in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hotel Management, Laurence Laplante has been passionate about the hospitality industry since her first job and has acquired a mountain of knowledge across different industries. She has great satisfaction from working in teams and she organized the last edition of ‘’Cocktail des Ambassadeurs’’ at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal), one of the most prestigious events that brings together the hospitality and the restaurant industries with a networking exchange for students. ​​It is with great enthusiasm, her organization skills  and her meticulous work that she joins the team MTLHC as the director of operations.

Mikael Tan

Human Resources Director

Born and raised in Cambodia, Mikael decided to move to Montreal in order to pursue a university degree after finishing high school in the french system. Following much pondering and deliberation, he decided to leave Concordia University in order to throw himself into the world of hospitality. He completed his first year in hotel management and now one day seeks to open up his very own hotel in East Asia. Despite having very little exposure in the field, Mikael makes up for his lack of experience through his grit and tenacity, as well as his eagerness to learn.

Sabrina Primavera Sequeira

Accounting & Finance Manager

Sabrina Primavera Sequeira is a second-year student in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hotel Management. Passionate about the restaurant industry, she has five years of professional experience in the field, which allows her to excel in situations under pressure and with tight deadlines. Continually seeking to improve herself and combine theory and practice, she joined the MTLHC in the first edition as a co-host. Always ready to support her colleagues, she took the initiative to come to the aid of her colleagues whenever the opportunity arose. During the first edition, she knew how to develop her interpersonal skills and overcome her shyness. In late December 2020, she decided to enroll in the GTH case, a bilingual case competition aimed at Canada’s top tourism and hospitality schools. She returns to the MTLHC with the aim of making the second edition better than the first. This year, we can count on her to oversee the finances of the competition and co-host, with her great energy, the various events!

Marie-Michèle Fortin

Participant Experience & Relations Director | Activities & Workshop Director

Marie-Michele first fell in love with the industry when she was a guide in a trading post in Tadoussac, where she was driven by the people. Since then, she has been exploring the industry one opportunity after the other. And so she found herself in the organizing committee for the first edition of the MTLHC competition. During the past edition, she had the chance to play different roles amongst the organization, mostly in participants’ management and activities coordination, but also in technical support and in the prizes and gifts department. Always ready for a challenge, she is now back for a second edition as the Participant experience manager and activities and workshops manager.

Marianne Lessard

Destination Promotion Coordinator

Currently a student at ITHQ in the tourism techniques, Marianne Lessard is passionate about travel and has a great interest in the tourism industry. Responsible for promoting the destination during the first edition, she has definitely been able to sell Montreal as a travel destination of choice. Ambitious, she wants to build her own business specializing in agrotourism. Her ideas of grandeur and vision for the future prompted her to develop her opinion on the importance of integrating technology into the tourism industry.

Malie Prevost

Communications & Marketing Director

Malie is a third-year student in the newest restaurant management program at ITHQ. Always willing to get involved in the community, the MTLHC seemed to be the perfect next challenge. She is looking forward to learning more about the hotel and tourism industry, knowing that they are related to the food and beverage industry.

By joining the MTLHC committee, she wishes to acquire new skills in the communication domain. She views this involvement as a good opportunity for her to expand her network. In addition, her ability to work in a team is an excellent asset for the communication department.

Maxime Allard-Roy

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Maxime has been working in the hospitality industry since graduating from the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality in Quebec in the Advanced studies in International Hotel Management program. Working now as a guest services leader in a big hotel chain, she aspires to learn and grow within the company and become a director. Maxime is a person who is eager to learn and who is very curious. Furthermore, she loves to acquire new skills and has passion in what she does in every aspect of her life.

She is now part of the MTLHC committee for a second edition as the marketing coordinator, bringing to the team the skills she learned through her education and her recent experiences

François Rohart

Ted Talks & Case Study Resolution Workshops Coordinator | Sponsorship Agent

François Rohart is a studious, hard-working and confident student, who already proved his efficiency during the first edition of the Most Talented Leader Hospitality Challenge. His availability and his ability to help others make him a loyal member of this committee. Through his several degrees in hotel management, he wants to acquire the necessary skills to lead his own team. His good knowledge of numbers and accounting allows him to help the finance coordinator and work as a sponsorship officer for the next edition. During this edition, Francois will be responsible for the implementation of Ted Talk workshops for motivation and leadership experiences as well as case study workshops that will serve as coaching for college and university students.

Lisianne Côté-Girard

Sustainable Development Activities Coordinator | Experience & Participant Relations Agent

As a second-year student in the Tourism Techniques at ITHQ, Lisianne is always seeking new challenges. Although she was very invested in the first edition of the Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge, she had to withdraw from the committee due to her busy schedule. With more time on her hands now, she is motivated and eager to be part of the organizing committee for this second edition. Through this experience, she is hoping to develop her skills in the tourism and event industry. With her atypical background, she acquired a great variety of knowledge that she plans on using to help the MTLHC competition go further. For this second edition, she will be an experience and participant relations officer as well as coordinate activities on sustainable development. This experience will force her out of her comfort zone and give her new skills that will help her grow as a professional.

Xavier Dugas

Personal Development Workshops Coordinator | Sponsorship Agent

Xavier Dugas has an innate adaptability, which allows him to be comfortable in many types of situations. His ability to work in a team as well as his stress management skill allow him to remain calm in the face of the challenges in project and event management. One of Xavier’s greatest strengths is his versatility, which allows him to help at all levels of the organization. His great interest in new things and his curiosity make a great contribution to the event. As a graduate of the Advanced studies in International Hotel Management program at ITHQ, he hopes to acquire as many hospitality management skills as possible. Xavier is a very active person, which allows him to support all teams during operations. His role in accounting serves to ensure budget planning and competition needs throughout the event and for each type of activity. Xavier is also the personal development activities coordinator of the event.

Noémie Beauregard

Historic, Cultural & Sustainable Development Activities Coordinator

As a second-year student in the Tourism Techniques at ITHQ, Noémie likes to get involved in her community. Thirsty for knowledge, she likes to learn new things and take on new challenges. The MTLHC organizing committee, in which she will act as an activity coordinator, is a perfect opportunity for her to acquire new skills in the field of tourism and management. Formerly studying to become a history teacher, the MTLHC gives her the chance to revive her interest as she will coordinate activities on Montreal’s culture and history. Also passionate about sustainable development, Noémie is completing a certificate in sustainable development at Université Laval. Therefore, by coordinating sustainable development and cultural activities, this experience will bring together two of her great interests. Moreover, it will allow her to scratch the surface of the event industry, which is very new to her!

Victor Jeong

Content Creator

As a freshman in the restaurant management program at ITHQ, Victor Jeong shows a great deal of initiative and has a passion for venturing into the unknown. Thanks to his many encounters at school, he grew an interest in hospitality and tourism. In the MTLHC, he is looking forward to learning more about the industry and exposing himself to new experiences. This competition opens doors to subjects and problems that aren’t elaborated on in his program, and it will help him become more versatile as he progresses in school. The Content Creator position will allow him to exercise his creativity and live the MTLHC experience.

Mariam Diarra

Community Manager

Second-year student in the hotel management technique at ITHQ, Mariam Diarra is a persistent, hard worker who knows how to stand out using her creativity and the knowledge she acquired through her years of scholar and professional experience. Her thirst for knowledge and unceasing curiosity are two of the tools that have helped her grow and will eventually help her find her place in the hospitality industry. It’s Mariam’s first time participating in the MTLHC event, she’s going to be one of the community managers in the human resources department. She’s very motivated and excited to partake in this new adventure.

Daphnée Parra Genest

Community Manager

Daphne is a third-year student at ITHQ studying hotel management. Being Mexican-Canadian and having lived in four different countries has made her a traveling and language enthusiast. She has a diploma in Arts, Letters and Communications; Languages profile, and is about to start a translation course, all while completing her last year at ITHQ. Daphnée is known for her curiosity, vivacious spirit and her ease at building meaningful relationships with the people around her. By joining the MTLHC committee, she wishes to participate in the enrichment of the new generation of hotel managers and keep the participants engaged and curious throughout the competition.

Angèle-Charly Mukonde

Public Relations Manager

Determined to succeed in everything she undertakes, Angèle-Charly joined the Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge team even before starting her first year in the Hotel Management techniques at ITHQ. It is as public relations manager that she will evolve within the team for a second time. With an Arts, Letters, and Communication diploma under her belt, she has gained ten years of telecommunications experience. Her care for details, her distinctive interest for problem resolution, as well as her desire to provide unparalleled service are all reasons that drew her to a career in hospitality. Cheerfulness, energy, open-mindedness, and her great interpersonal skills are all qualities she puts forward when she volunteers on various projects within her community. She is always eager to learn, to discover, and to put her creative energy at the disposal of the world around her. Her change of career is definitely a challenge she is eager to face. Her motto: “ Keep your eyes on the positive, because everything happens for a reason! ”

Vanessa Melançon

Destination Promotion Agent | Tik Tok Account Manager

Vanessa Melançon is currently a student in the Tourism Techniques at ITHQ and this will be her first edition in the Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge organizing committee. She was looking for a new experience that would provide not only new challenges, but also an opportunity to develop her self-confidence. Vanessa joins the team as the destination promotion agent. She is passionate about everything related to events, travel, new cultures and people. In the future, Vanessa would like to work in the event industry or be able to travel for work to all corners of the planet so that she can discover the world.

Cloé Caron

Destination Promotion Agent

Currently a student in the Tourism Techniques at ITHQ, Cloé is passionate about traveling and highly interested in promoting tourism. Later aspiring to a career in tourism advertising, the opportunity to join the project was a natural next step for her. Looking for new challenges, Cloé joined the second edition of the Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge to put into practice her knowledge in media communications. As a destination promotion agent, she joins the team to provide support for the various developments of video clips and the website. Meticulous, attentive and very fond of teamwork, Cloé intends to work on this second edition to provide a memorable experience for the participants, while also hoping to acquire new knowledge.

Laurence Crevier

Judges Relations Manager

Laurence is passionate about hospitality. As a graduate from ITHQ in the Hotel Management program, she decided to continue her studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hotel Management to push her learning and knowledge of the industry even further. Always on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and evolve, she joins the MTLHC committee as the judges coordinator. Guest service is part of her personality, she has been working in the field for several years. Her desire to care for others, to meet their needs and to move forward by giving the best of her makes her a deeply involved person in everything she undertakes.

Camille Cloutier

Event Moderator | Participants Relations Agent

Recently graduated from ITHQ in International Hotel Management, Camille has distinguished herself through her dedication and perseverance. Passionate about risk prevention and hospitality, her goal is to guide and support the different teams in the best way possible. Her listening skills, her capacity for mutual assistance and her humor will only relax and put the participants at ease. Her determination to offer the best of her abilities and pass on her knowledge gives participants the chance to have a mentor who is not afraid of anything. Let the adventure begin!

Alina Buzikova

Experience & Participant Relations Agent

Originally from Kazakhstan, Alina is currently a student in the Tourism Techniques at ITHQ. Passionate about all aspects of the tourism industry: geography, languages, hospitality, event planning, catering , Alina sees in her program the merging of all these interests, and she wants to steer her career in this direction. Being open-minded, a good listener, as well as a dynamic and original person, she decided to join the Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge team for its second edition so she can make it even more dynamic. Alina firmly believes that this experience will allow her to expand her knowledge in this field she is so passionate about.

Rafaëlle Desputeau

Event Programming Agent

ITHQ tourism graduate and soon-to-be student in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hotel Management.Rafaëlle Desputeau has the will to work in the environmentally friendly event field. Starting her career as a coordinator and project manager for the second edition of the Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge, she wants to give the contestants a new edition that will remain forever in their memories. For her last year at ITHQ, Rafaëlle was a cohort representative and treasurer for the prom committee. Her colleagues would describe her as a person who enjoys getting involved and helping others. In addition, her passion for the different cultures of the world gives her the desire to travel or even live in different countries.

Laurence Tuinstra

Translation Coordinator | Event Programming Agent

Recently graduated from ITHQ in International Hotel Management, Laurence is ready to put all that she has learned to good use. In getting involved in the MTLHC committee, she hopes to help the next generation of hospitality workers, as well as make new connections and acquire new professional and personal skills. Within the committee, Laurence will revise texts and social media posts in French and English, in addition to participating in the programmation for the event. In doing so, she combines her passions for both hospitality and languages. She is also putting forth her good sense of organization and her great team work. She is excited to see where this adventure will take her.