2020 Edition


Erika Palamaro

Participant during the first edition

Why should others participate in this competition? These types of competitions work so many different aspects such as team work, brainstorming, using previous and new knowledge to advance the project. The MTLHC competition allows you to have access to very knowledgeable and informative speakers. Their stories are usually quite unique and have the possibility of opening up ideas for yourself or maybe future projects. Mainly, this competition teaches you a lot about yourself as a person, how you like to learn, how you perform in teams, how you pitch, how your brain works. It’s all great skills to have later on in your social or professional development.

Sebastian Tim Relewicz

Second place team winner

You see I realized, being part of the MTLHC, being a leader is rather a Mindset than a job description, and I discovered everyone taking part in the MTHLC is a true leader in the most basic sense for one simple reason. They are taking the lead of their own life.

Working with people is what is the heart and soul of the industry we choose to become a part of, and MTLHC has brought us all one step closer to our goal of being great leaders in this industry of working with people.  The right mindset doesn’t just refer to taking control of the here and now, but also of taking control of what’s ahead. 

Jade Paganon-Simon

First place team winner

First, I think the MTLHC was a fantastic opportunity for us all. We met incredibly fascinating and inspiring people and discovered new cultures and ways of thinking. I am very new in the hospitality industry, so this learning was the most precious thing of this competition. This is mainly why, if I had the opportunity to do so, I would participate again. To me, the human experience was so warm and powerful that I would like to thank all the MTLHC team again for giving me the chance to live it.

I will definitely be here for the next editions if I can, to meet new talents, learn from them and share what I have experienced during this first edition. I cannot wait to see you all and I encourage every student in a hospitality school to participate in such an incredible challenge.

Yashaan Cawasji

Distinction Award winner

The MTLHC was not only a competition, it hosted various workshops and webinars by industry stalwarts for all the participants. We learnt a lot of new concepts and theories like the business model innovation, the value proposition chart, the blue ocean strategy and the importance of sustainability in the hospitality industry.  All these workshops were so educative and enlightening. I would love to be a part of the next edition as well.

Thank you MTLHC Team, for organizing these workshops and creating such an amazing learning experience!

Margaret Zorrilla Cortez

Participant during the first edition

Having the opportunity to interact and learn from renowned hospitality professionals worldwide made every minute of this competition a rewarding experience. I feel honored that I met so many wonderful and talented people who strengthen each others’ skills and mindsets. Thank you, MTLHC team, for facilitating these connections and creating such an innovative learning experience!