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The event

It features two real-life case studies that will allow students to demonstrate their skills, attitudes and knowledge. 

The first case study will be presented during the opening ceremony: Épik Collection, an independent Montreal-based hotel that seeks a brand new hotel concept. 

The second case study presented will be unveiled after the semi-finals: real-life challenge in collaboration with  W New York and Sheraton Montreal.

Two real case studies

EPIK Collection Group

Marriott, 1 Group, 2 Brands, 1 Double Case Study

Event Programming

& Important Dates


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HumanYo Impact + Credo Impact with Ghani Kolli
  • Credo Impact will encourage participants to rethink the importance of business models and its impact on a project’s development.
Workshop: Help on the case study
  • In order to help the students to break through in their projects, the workshop Help on the case study will provide strategies for analysis, solution seeking, planification and implementation regarding project management.
History & Culture
  • With the first case study focusing on a new hotel in Montreal, the history and cultural workshops will present the cultural importance of Old Montreal and its buildings in the city’s history as well as the importance of music in Quebec’s culture.
  • Incubator of innovations and accelerator of opportunities in tourism, culture and entertainment, MT Lab is coming back for this second edition of MTLHC with two new workshops in innovation. Showcasing Montreal startups, they will present innovative solutions to participants in order to stimulate their creativity.
Tourism Trends
  • To have a better understanding of the Tourism Trends, this workshop will present an overview of the tourism industry.
Sustainable Development
  • Divided into 4 activities, the Sustainable Development Workshop aims at sharing Quebec’s environmental reality to participants, along with presenting eco-responsible solutions as a learning module.
Food & Beverage Workshops
  • Divided into 2 activities, the Food & Beverage Workshop will link Montreal’s multiculturalism to the food industry. With testimonials from different chefs and specialists in the city’s diversified culinary scene, participants will gain great insights of the city’s culinary identity in order to apply it in their case study.
Pitch Art
  • This workshop will prepare participants with suitable pitch skills to perform in front of the judges during the semi-finals and the finals.
Ted Talks
  • 2 Ted Talks will take place at this year’s MTLHC to bring positive energy and motivation to the crowd, equipping them with additional knowledge for case studies.
Coaching sessions
  • To help participants reach a certain level of complexity in their solution, coaching sessions will be held along the competition, where coaches will provide constructive advice based on their evaluation.
Round Table/Debate
  • Various industry professionals will be invited to the Round Table to offer different points of views in order to help brainstorm on important topics in the industry.
Marriott Workshop
  • Opportunities to learn more about Marriott and two of their brands.
Yield Management
  • In order to measure the feasibility of the solution, participants will be invited to learn about yield management techniques in the hospitality industry.
Brand Activation
  • In order to better analyse the two Marriott brands, this activity will help them understand the marketing importance in developing a strong branding strategy.
Workshop on Self Improvement
  • This workshop will invite participants to rethink their personal and professional image in their everyday life and on social media. With the help of tips, tools and examples, they get to learn about and work on their own personal and professional branding.
Human Resources
  • The HR workshop showcases the functionality of HR as a core department within an enterprise, participants will learn also on people management and the importance of professional communication.
Networking Fiestas
  • This casual networking workshop serves to develop relationships between you and other members of the MTLHC’s community. A great place to network with professionals through meetings, games and more!
  • To encourage leadership and good sportsmanship, MTLHC 2021-2022 will organise team building activities.

Registration requirements

Welcome to the MTLHC competition,
The next segment will show you how to submit an application for your team:

  • To get started, your institution should select a team of three or four students to represent your school;
  • You also have the option of choosing a teacher/mentor to accompany the students on their adventure. The teacher/mentor is invited to participate in various activities offered throughout the event. 

Each team can only submit one application, and must include: 

  • Registration form;
  • A brief biography of each team member; 
  • A 350-to-500-word essay on a figure in the hospitality industry whose leadership inspires your team the most. This person could be a colleague, teacher, or an industry professional. You must include the person’s job position and the significant factor that led you to choose them as a source of inspiration;
  • A 3-to-5-minute video submission in which each team member introduces him/herself, proceeded by answering the following questions:
    • What’s your definition of leadership? 
    • How do you envision the hospitality industry of tomorrow? 

Registrations open soon.

Registration WILL OPEN Soon!